Shopify SEO Audit Services

Fix SEO Issues, Increase Sales with Shopify SEO Audit Services

Shopify SEO Audit Services offers a detailed SEO auditing of your Shopify website to ensure you use your online e-commerce store to its full advantage. With Shopify SEO Audit service, we identify keyword and content optimization opportunities, improve page load speed, analyze backlink profiles, and increase your Shopify store’s SERP rank. Our team of Shopify SEO experts refine your keyword targeting and make data-driven decisions for your Shopify SEO strategy. 

With Shopify SEO Audit Service, you get customized On-page SEO recommendations, technical SEO insights, optimized keyword strategy, and other SEO support. 

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Why is Shopify SEO Audit Service Important?

Shopify SEO audit service will analyze your e-commerce store’s current SERP rank for the targeted keywords and find the weaker areas that affect your SEO ranking. SEO auditing services ensure your website structure, content, and reputation match the Search engine algorithm. Improved SEO ranking means boosted website traffic, which is ultimately converted into your paying keywords by targeted Shopify SEO practices. 

Shopify SEO Audit Services

Get more website traffic, quality leads, and increased revenue with Shopify SEO Audit Services. Our customized Shopify SEO auditing process analyzes your store’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats(SWOT) to find the SEO issues hindering your online growth. 

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On-Page Shopify SEO Audit Service

Shopify SEO Audit Service analyzes your on-page Shopify SEO issues. We pay close attention to title tags, meta descriptions, duplicate content, keyword stuffing, etc. Further, we provide Shopify SEO recommendations to deal with these challenges.

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Technical Shopify SEO Audit Services

Our expert-led technical Shopify SEO team will audit several of your important files and other technical SEO elements. We analyze htaccess files, Robots.txt, Sitemap, HTTP headers, 404 error pages, Page speed, etc. We will tell you how to remove these SEO issues. 

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Off-Page Shopify SEO Audit Service

Shopify SEO Audit Services performs a detailed off-page SEO audit and compares your online reputation with competitors. We look for backlink quality, anchor text, placement, relevance, and quality to provide you with a customized Shopify Off-Page SEO strategy. 

Why Choose Shopify SEO Audit Services?

Choosing Shopify SEO Audit service offers you various benefits such as:

Get High ROI from Shopify SEO Efforts

Customized Industry Expert Shopify SEO Audit Services

Data-Driven Shopify SEO Analysis and Recommendations

Result-Driven Shopify SEO Audit Services

24*7 Dedicated Support and Maintenance

Quick Turnaround Time

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Process of Shopify SEO Audit Services

Shopify SEO Audit service follows a simple 3-step process to find and fix your Shopify SEO issues:

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Shopify Website Analysis and Assessment

Shopify’s SEO audit service starts with understanding your Shopify website, content and design changes, current content strategy, backlinking strategies, and targeted keywords.  We carefully observe the trends in your Shopify store’s Google Console and Google Analytics report. 

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Shopify SEO Audit Research

Once we gather and analyze your Shopify SEO reports and data, we conduct thorough research to find your website’s page load speed, image optimization, content duplication, and other various Shopify SEO issues. 

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Shopify SEO Audit Reporting and Recommendations

Shopify SEO Udit SErvice will create a detailed SEO audit report on your website and discuss it with you. We will tell you what’s missing, what you can do, and what it will take to achieve your Shopify SEO goals. 

Shopify SEO Audit Services Case Studies

What Clients Say About Our Shopify SEO Audit Services

We needed help with SEO ranking and poor website structure. We got inferior leads and needed a profitable online business. We realized that something was missing in our Shopify SEO strategy. Then, we approached Shopify SEO Audit Services, and our company was propelled to an exceptional height.


Shopify SEO Audit Services provided my e-commerce company with a detailed SEO auditing and implementation strategy. The results were truly worth the money. We got around a 300% increase in website traffic and around 52% boosted conversion rate.